Passenger comfort is a priority for Moscow Metro

2 September 2015  •  Author(s): Dmitriy Pegov, Head of Moscow Metro

The modernisation of stations and passenger comfort have become priority guidelines of Moscow Metro over recent months. During this time several big infrastructure projects have commenced and will soon be finished. Head of Moscow Metro Dmitriy Pegov guides us through the important work that has been carried out for the improvement of providing quality passenger services.

Passenger comfort is a priority for Moscow Metro

At the beginning of the 1990s, our metro seemed to have forgotten about its passengers. More than two decades have now passed and of course it is very difficult to change the system and satisfy the requirements of time, but passenger comfort has become a priority for us.

Renovation and beautification of stations For many passengers, the first thing they think about of Moscow Metro is its stations. Moscow Metro started the realisation of an ambitious transformation programme in 2014 in order to make stations more comfortable and secure. In the framework of this project, front of station buildings were renovated, escalators were repaired, entrance halls enhanced and underground crosswalks improved. During 2015, remedial works will take place at 96 Moscow Metro stations.

The infrastructure of the underground crosswalks is also being renovated for passenger comfort. They will be entirely altered; wall coverings will be changed, utility systems will be replaced, plus waterproofing systems and navigation elements will be upgraded. Furthermore, anti-parking systems in the shape of concrete semispheres will be installed at station entrances.

Shops, shopping malls and automated trading zones will be organised in under ground crosswalks after the reconstruction. A civilised trading environment will be created near metro stations and other transport modes which will help people to feel more comfortable in the city.

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