Grenoble tramway refurbishment project complete

11 June 2015  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

The tram fleet of Tag, Grenoble’s transport network, has been fully refurbished with new exterior livery and spacious interiors.

Grenoble tramway refurbishment complete

The Tag Grenoble tramway network serves 89 trams on 5 lines. Refurbishment work took place on 38 trams due to circulate on the newly constructed E line which officially opened in September 2014.

The redesign contract was awarded by engineering company Ingerop to MBD Design with industrialisation carried out by Bombardier.

Refurbishment included the implementation of a new exterior livery as well as a more spacious interior while integrating new seats lighting.

Grenoble tramway refurbishment complete

The nose of the vehicle has been reworked and enhanced with new LED technology headlights for increased safety for both the road users and travellers. The interior layout has been optimised so that each vehicle can accommodate a further ten seats and still provide an area for wheelchairs. In addition, the stairs to the upper level have been expanded and fitted with new ergonomic handrails. Large-size information screens as well as tickets validators have also been integrated into the design of the tram.

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