81% of passengers satisfied with public transport in Riga

22 December 2014  •  Author(s): Leona Bemhens, Chairman, Rigas satiksme

public transport in Riga

The results of the European Commission surveys about the quality of life in European cities (published in 2013) gives evidence that only residents of Helsinki, Vienna and London are more satisfied with public transport services than the residents of Riga – the capital and largest city of Latvia. Another opinion poll, which was carried out in Riga in 2013, shows that 81% of passengers are satisfied with the public transport services available in the city. Such opinion polls are carried out biennially by the Latvian market and public opinion research centre, SKDS. The public transport services (bus, trolleybus and tram) in Riga are delivered by Rīgas satiksme. In an interview for Eurotransport, Leons Bemhens – the company’s Chairman of the Board, discusses passenger and staff satisfaction levels, the ordering and delivery of new vehicles, plus the city’s increasingly popular electronic payment system.

The results of the opinion polls show that passengers are very satisfied with public transport in Riga. How do you plan to strengthen your position?

Just like in any other city, the delivery of public transport services in Riga is a social function – our main goal is not to gain profit, but to provide passengers with a comfortable, safe, rapid, and financially affordable service. As regards comfort and safety, Rīgas satiksme operates according to the strategic plan approved by the Riga City Council. It sets not only quality requirements for the delivery of public transport services, but also certain safety standards. We are monitoring passenger flows and, based on these data, launch extra public transport or vehicles of bigger/smaller capacity, when necessary. We have developed a system allowing passengers to express their opinions, submit proposals, and complaints, which we analyse very carefully. We have also established a company called Rīgas acs (Riga eye) that will integrate all safety and information systems into one single system, which will enable us to not only strictly follow a public transport vehicle’s movement in the city and control safety, but it will also ensure the function of informing passengers about public transport departure and arrival times, as well as about transfer possibilities, not only inside vehicles, but also at public trans – port stops and on our website.

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