Exclusive Online-Only Article – Smart ticketing and smart cities: What does it look like from here?

3 July 2014  •  Author(s): Mick Davies

Mick Davies is Chairman of the Local Authority Smartcard Standards Organisation (LASSeO), a Core Group Member of the Smartcard Networking Forum (SCNF), and joint-Interim Chairman of the new Smarter Services Alliance (SSA). Perhaps more importantly, Mick is also a concessionary travel card holder and frequent public transport and public service user. For Eurotransport, Mick takes a look at ‘smartness’ from the outside – rather than from within.

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Webinar: One card many features – A look into how Monorail integrated fares with CES 2017 registration badges

In this webinar discussed how Monorail tickets were integrated in CES event tickets, meaning one single card can be used for multiple services and why all parties profit from a multi-application solution...

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