The importance of an integrated Swiss public transport network

11 November 2013  •  Author(s): Ueli Stückelberger, Director, Swiss Association of Public Transport

The story of public transport in Switzerland is an impressively successful one: while passenger journeys have increased by over 30% since 2001, the rise in the number of passenger kilometres has been even higher at almost 40%. At the same time, transport companies have massively increased their workforce productivity in recent years. For example, in the period from 1998 to 2010, the number of public transport employees fell by 10%, while passenger and goods traffic capacity grew by more than 12%. This means that Swiss public transport achieved a 5% increase in employee productivity every year.

The picture is similar when looking at the ratio between the public funds expended (subsidy payments) and the public transport services rendered. The confederation, cantons and communes (and thus directly the taxpayers) invest approximately 8 billion Swiss francs annually (around CHF 1,000 per head) in public transport and get more services from year-toyear in return for their subsidy payments.

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