Keeping the pulse of the city alive

15 February 2008  •  Author(s): Herbert Dombrowsky, CEO, VAG Nuremberg and Rainer Müller, Managing Director, VAG Nuremberg

After more than 125 years of operating a mass transit system, Nuremberg can boast a long tradition of quality public transportation. What began in 1881 with just a few horse-drawn carriages, is now a modern company with a vast route network. Today, VAG Nuremberg looks to the future, investing in new projects that integrate goals of mobility, safety and environmental protection.

VAG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Städtische Werke Nuremberg GmbH, which means it is also owned by the city of Nuremberg. It supplies local public passenger transportation in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and in the neighboring cities of Fürth and Erlangen. The primary goal is to provide passengers with the highest level of service while using resources as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The company stands for safety, reliability, innovation and a focus on customers’ needs.

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