Building on the success of Italy’s first underground VAL network

22 August 2013  •  Author(s): Giancarlo Guiati, Sole Administrator, Infra.To

Infratrasporti.To S.r.l. (Infra.To) is a company owned exclusively by the City of Turin. The purpose of the company is to own and manage existing infrastructure and to plan and construct new infrastructure, including railways for passenger and freight transportation (both public and private) in accordance with legislation governing the operation of state-owned companies. Infra.To owns Line 1 of the Turin automatic underground system (13.2km) and the N. 4 Tramway line (18km).


Infra.To is currently involved in a number of works on the Turin underground system, including:

  • Planning and construction of the Lingotto– Bengasi stretch of Line 1
  • Planning of the Collegno–Cascine Vica stretch of Line 1
  • Planning of the connection of the Torino– Ceres railway line to the Turin railway by tunnelling the line in Corso Grosseto
  • Participation in the study group for the transport and financial planning of Line 2 of the Turin Underground
  • Planning of new lines and renewal interventions for the city of Turin tramway infrastructures and regional railways.

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