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3 July 2013  •  Author(s): Mark Yexley, Thomas Ableman, Louise Blyth, John Verity, Bas van Os

Our latest Ticketing supplement is supported by Unwire, NXP, Crane Payment Solutions and Trapeze:

  • Ticketing Supplement 2013Leading the UK’s m-ticketing revolution
    Mark Yexley, Operations and Commercial Director, Arriva UK Bus / Thomas Ableman, Commercial Director, Chiltern Railway / Louise Blyth, Head of Marketing, CrossCountry
    Mobile technology has changed the way we go about our everyday lives and the capability of today’s technology means that people expect to be able to do more than ever on the move. For many people their mobile/smartphone is the link to organising their work and social life, managing their finances, hotel bookings, shopping online and much more. Also, the ability to store and access data from your pocket means that people live in an increasingly paperless way. With this in mind, the move from traditional bus and rail tickets to m-ticketing is a natural progression which all transport companies need to consider if they want to make public transport easy to use and attract a new generation of passengers on-board. Leading European transport group Arriva recognised this and across the group its businesses continue to explore the benefits…
  • ITSO, European Standardisation and the Smart Ticketing Alliance
    John Verity, Chief Advisor, ITSO Ltd
    For Eurotransport, ITSO Chief Advisor, John Verity, outlines the aims of a new alliance which aims to make it possible to travel on all forms of public transport throughout Europe using a single specification NFC- (Near Field Communications) enabled smartphone…
  • The importance of sharing knowledge and experience
    Bas van Os, Director, Open Ticketing Institute
    Ticketing used to simply be a business function of public transport. Now it has become a business sector in itself…but not for long. What started as a modernisation of paper and magnetic tickets has now become part of a larger wave of technological innovation and social change. In countries with strong public transport offerings, e-Ticketing will be one of the enablers of the integration of the physical and virtual worlds in which people move, work, play and consume…

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