The passenger is always right!

3 July 2013  •  Author(s): Dagmar Röller, Communications Manager, Polis

Who knows better about the quality of buses, trams and metros than its users? Within the ENERQI project – co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission – a methodology has been developed allowing operators to listen to their customers and to improve the quality of public transport based on customer observations taken on a continuous basis.

“As a user of public transport, I consider myself responsible in giving my opinion so that we can improve comfort, speed and other aspects. These improvements can be for me today, but will also be for my children tomorrow and for the rest of the population. I think that the opinion of people of various age groups is important because it allows different points of views on different areas.”

This is a response that Lisbon’s public transport operator CARRIS received when asking clients about their motivation to provide feedback. Passengers appreciate being heard and CARRIS has implemented the ENERQI tool – a quality monitoring system which is uniquely based on regular observations by local passengers.

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