The UITP Bus Committee: striving for improvements

24 April 2013  •  Author(s): Thierry Wagenknecht. Chairman, UITP Bus Committee

The UITP Bus Committee1 was created in 1961 (known then as the Commission for the Standardisation of Motorbuses). It is one of the oldest modal Committees of the UITP and was created on a purely technical basis. During the last 15 years, the trend has been to widen the scope of coverage to economical and operational aspects. The Committee currently consists of 45 full members – all urban public transport operators – from 21 different countries.

The role of the UITP Bus Committee is to act as the international platform of knowledge and expertise on all direct bus-related issues. The matters dealt with are always considered from the operator’s perspective – but of course this point-of-view can differ from the many groups within the public transport industry who are experts in their respective areas of concern, i.e. city planners, urban architects, policy makers and local authorities. And last but not least – the legislator – very often enforcing regulations justified from a ‘societal’ per – spective whether from the state-level, the European Union or international agencies such as the United Nations (UNECE).

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