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5 March 2013  •  Author(s): Ian Craig, Robert Montgomery, Ietze Van Der Meer

ET Communications Supplement 2013Our latest Communications supplement is supported by Icomera:

  • All aboard the ‘social media’ bus
    In an age where social media is a part of many people’s everyday lives, more and more transport operators are beginning to realise the benefits of social media in communicating with their customers to improve service. In an interview for Eurotransport, Ian Craig, Managing Director of Lothian Buses discusses the advantages of Twitter and Facebook for both the Scottish bus operator and its passengers.
  • Getting on-board with Wi-Fi
    Robert Montgomery, Deputy Managing Director, Stagecoach UK Bus
    New technology is having a massive impact on many areas of life and none more-so than on people’s travel choices and expectations. As one of the UK’s largest public transport operators, it is vital that we deliver safe, reliable and high-quality services to our customers. And we must do so at affordable prices which encourage increased bus use. It is crucial that we get these basic elements right if we want people to choose bus travel over taking the car. However, there are other factors which can also have a bearing on whether people choose to use buses or not and one of these is the provision of Wi-Fi.
  • On-board Wi-Fi helps transform Arriva’s customer service in the Netherlands
    You can’t stroll into a shopping centre, hotel, restaurant or any other public place today without being met with the obligatory ‘Wi-Fi available here’ branding. We live in an era where static Wi-Fi services are cropping up everywhere you turn – but delivering that service is slightly more complicated for public transport operators when it comes to accessing a wireless network on the go. That’s a challenge – but it’s also an opportunity the public transport industry across Europe is beginning to grasp and embrace over the past few years. In an interview for Eurotransport, Arriva Nederland’s Business Unit Director (Bus), Ietze Van Der Meer, explains how this technical challenge is helping transform the company’s service for passengers.

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