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Wolfgang Tiefensee - Articles and news items

Let’s enjoy urban mobility together!

Issue 1 2008, Past issues  •  15 February 2008  •  Wolfgang Tiefensee, German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs

The quality of life in our urban and rural areas is directly related to the quality of local public transport. Local public transport in Germany is indispensable, for ecological reasons and to ensure mobility for everyone. This is true of both conurbations, with their dense networks of rapid transit systems, underground railways, buses and trams, and of rural areas.

Climate change and demographic trends make it imperative for us to evolve and advance local and public transport in Germany, and we intend to do so. There is a clear need in the population for high-quality, efficient, reasonably priced, safe and secure local public transport. Each day, approximately 28.5 million passengers use local public transport. In mathematical terms, this is the equivalent of 18.5 million passenger car journeys. In 2006, the number of users rose to approximately 10.4 billion passengers.

German efficiency

Issue 3 2006, Past issues  •  27 September 2006  •  Wolfgang Tiefensee, German Federal Minister of Transport, building and Urban Affairs

Germany has a very efficient local public transport network, carrying around 27 million passengers every day. In purely mathematical terms, this is the equivalent of 19 million passenger car journeys. In some large towns and cities, buses, trams and trains account for over 50% of all passengers travelling to school and work. 86% of all households are within ten minutes’ walk of a local public transport stop, which means that we have impressive network coverage.


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