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Security & Crime - Articles and news items

Safety & Security Supplement 2016

Issue 6 2016, Supplements, Z homepage promo  •  30 November 2016  •  

Kevin Hargreaves discusses TfGM’s Control Centre and integrated transport management; Making public transport safe and accessible for people living with vision impairments and London Underground’s Escalator Passenger Safety Strategy – making passengers safer is covered by Phil Harley…

Fighting cyber threats

Transport Extra  •  6 September 2016  •  Thomas Kritzer, Head of the Operations Control & Customer Service Business Unit, Wiener Linien

We have learned to deal with terrorist threats and, unfortunately, executed attacks. Cyber threats, however, are often still ‘intangible’ and perceived as difficult to fight…

Transport security – should we worry?

Transport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  18 August 2016  •  Graham Ellis

In his latest blog for Eurotransport, Graham Ellis focusses on a completely different aspect of transport operations – security and information.

Cyber security in intelligent public transport: challenges and solutions

Issue 3 2016  •  20 June 2016  •  Cédric Lévy-Bencheton and Eleni Darra from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

For Eurotransport, Cédric Lévy-Bencheton and Eleni Darra from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) underline the importance of cyber security for transport operators by presenting the consequences of cyber threats on a transport system, as well as the current challenges linked to the implementation of cyber security. Cédric and Elenia also propose solutions by highlighting security good-practices and key recommendations to enhance the current status of security in intelligent public transport systems…

Transport sector is rapidly becoming one of the main cyber targeted industries

Industry news  •  25 May 2016  •  European Cyber Security for Transport Sector 2016

Transport sector is rapidly becoming one of the main cyber targeted industries and its cyber security threats shall not be underestimated…

Whitepaper: Advancing transit system security

Whitepapers, Z homepage promo  •  5 May 2016  •  Kontron

Making Mass Transit More Secure: Implementing Kontron IOT-enabled COTS platforms for smarter, real-time video surveillance…

IFSEC & FIREX International unveil exciting plans for 2016

Industry news  •  17 March 2016  •  UBM EMEA

With the current UK threat from international terrorism placed at severe and the national head of counter-terrorism recently warning that the UK is facing the threat of ‘enormous and spectacular attacks’ from Islamic State on western lifestyles…

Cyber security in the public transport sector – the big unknown!?

Issue 6 2015  •  17 December 2015  •  Thomas Kritzer, Member of the UITP Security Commission

Thomas Kritzer, Member of the UITP Security Commission, discusses how and why cyber security is becoming a prominent issue within the public transport sector, and explores the ways to overcome this threat…

Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams launch police crime prevention partnership

Industry news  •  30 July 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams in partnership with Police Scotland have launched a new crime prevention initiative designed to ensure safety on the city’s public transport network.

Graffiti in public transport systems – crime, not art

Issue 3 2015  •  30 June 2015  •  Andrea Soehnchen, Senior Project Manager/Business Developer, and Lindsey Mancini, Security Manager, UITP

The UITP’s Andrea Soehnchen and Lindsey Mancini take a look at how graffiti crime causes major costs for cleaning, repair and extra security measures to prevent further incidents…

Transport Safety & Security supplement

Issue 2 2015, Supplements  •  6 May 2015  •  Gab Parris, Anders Lukowski

In our latest Transport Safety & Security Supplement, Anders Lukowski, Strategy Implementation Manager from Arriva Denmark, gives details about Arriva Denmark’s proactive approach to road safety, plus Gab Parris, Railway Engineering Consultant, gives a comprehensive comparison into metro platform and track protection systems…

Safety & Security supplement

Issue 4 2014, Supplements  •  20 August 2014  •  James Kelly, Dave Gorshkov, Andrea Soehnchen

In our latest free-to-view Safety & Security supplement, James Kelly at the BSIA takes a look at innovative security technology for city transport networks, Dave Gorshkov from the APTA CCTV Standards Committee focuses on Operational Control Room technology, and Andrea Soehnchen from the UITP provides a SECUR-ED project update…

Safety & Security supplement 2014

Issue 2 2014, Supplements  •  30 April 2014  •  Jonas Brandt, Maria Hjohlman, David Roney, Geoff Dunmore

In our latest free-to-view Safety & Security supplement, fire researchers from the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden assess the dangers of fires breaking-out on-board buses; James Kelly from the BSIA takes a look at the importance of CCTV in the industry; David Roney from the British Transport Police tells how the force keep the UK’s railways safe; and Independent Transport Consultant Geoff Dunmore looks at how transport organisations should prepare for and manage networks during major events…

The role of staff in public transport security

Issue 1 2014  •  3 March 2014  •  Thomas Kritzer, Head of Security and Service Department, Wiener Linien

The public transport sector’s core business is a delivery of service. Service stands first for transportation from one point to another, but – as every user will agree – it also includes many other aspects. A high quality service needs well-trained staff to support operations and customers. In the field of public transport security, staff play a major additional role – the presence of staff is one of the key factors for customer perception during their use of public transport networks…

Improving the blast resilience of rail vehicles

Issue 1 2014  •  3 March 2014  •  Jean-Luc Bruyelle, El-Miloudi El-Koursi, Amaury Flancquart, IFFSTAR Richard Seddon, Tecnalia; Conor O'Neill, NewRail; Antonio De Santiago Laport, Metro de Madrid

In recent years, terrorist attacks on metro systems have noticeably increased, as illustrated for instance by the Paris, Madrid, and London attacks. These dramatic events have raised concern regarding the ability to increase the efficiency of the management of similar crises in order to reduce the number and gravity of the victims, as well as easing the organisa – tional efficiency in order to resume service quickly and avoid societal disruption. Indeed, several efforts aim at improving the resilience of the metro coaches to achieve the following three main goals…


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