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FARA AS - Articles and news items

Ticketing supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements  •  17 December 2013  •  Lindsay Robertson, Erik Kolbjørnsen, Philippe Vappereau

ITSO-compliant ticketing takes another step forward
New vehicles and ticketing technology enhance bus transport in Coventry
Giving passengers what they want
The CNA – proud to be the frontrunning initiator

Real-time Passenger Information supplement

Issue 3 2013, Supplements  •  4 July 2013  •  David Brown, Guy Dangerfield, Joanna Baczewska, Mark Cartwright

Something for everyone: why realtime matters (David Brown, Chair of pteg)
Raising the confidence of bus passengers (Guy Dangerfield, Passenger Manager, Passenger Focus)
Real-time expansion for Warsaw’s tram network (Joanna Baczewska, Member of the Management Board – CFO, Tramwaje Warszawskie)
The new normal (Mark Cartwright, Managing Director, RTIG)

Ticketing supplement

Supplements  •  3 January 2013  •  Dávid Vitézy, Mick Davies

Joining the 21st century – introducing an AFC system in Budapest (Dávid Vitézy, CEO and Member of the Management Board, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport)
What can LASSeO do for you? (Mick Davies, Chairman, LASSeO Ltd)
Show preview: TRANSPORT TICKETING 2013

Ticketing supplement

Issue 3 2012, Supplements  •  26 June 2012  •  Suvi Rihtniemi, Executive Director, Helsinki Regional Transport Authority / Philippe Vappereau, President of Ixxi and Chairman of Calypso Networks Association / Lindsay Robertson, Director of Member Services, ITSO Ltd / Stephen King, Marketing & Sales Manager, Go North East

Redesigning Helsinki’s fare and ticketing system (Suvi Rihtniemi, Executive Director, Helsinki Regional Transport Authority)
Calypso developments: benefits, technology and implementations (Philippe Vappereau, President of Ixxi and Chairman of Calypso Networks Association)
Making a ‘smart’ move (Lindsay Robertson, Director of Member Services, ITSO Ltd)
The key to transforming the passenger ticketing experience (Stephen King, Marketing & Sales Manager, Go North East)

Concentrating on the performance of ticketing

Issue 1 2009, Past issues  •  30 March 2009  •  Craig Waters, Commissioning Editor, Eurotransport

In today’s transportation marketplace, operators are working hard to develop their infrastructure to provide passengers with seamless travel options. Passengers travelling in many European cities can benefit from different transport modes with efficient and effective exchanges between them. A major factor in the success of seamless travel experiences is the development of ticketing systems and fare collection operations.

The majority of people who use urban public transportation want to be able to use different modes of transport for their entire journey – moving from the train to underground systems, then perhaps onto a tram or bus network. Transport operators must identify if their existing ticketing infrastructure requires upgrading or if the need to introduce a brand new system to efficiently handle growing passenger numbers should be considered.


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