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AustriaTech - Articles and news items

ITS & Traffic Management supplement 2013

Issue 4 2013, Supplements  •  23 August 2013  •  Stefan Burkhart, Pierpaolo Tona, Carla Coppola, Martin Böhm

Buses and trams continually monitored (Stefan Burkhart, Head of Telecommunications, SSB)
Compass4D: a tale of seven cities (Pierpaolo Tona, Compass4D Project Coordinator and Project Manager / Carla Coppola, Communications Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe)
Multi-modal journey planners are becoming reality for Central Europe (Martin Böhm, Head of Unit ‘Mobility Systems and ITS Deployment’, AustriaTech)

Towards cooperative traffic management: An overview of the COOPERS project

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  19 April 2007  •  Martin Böhm and Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech, Vienna, Austria. Mike McDonald and Jinan Piao, Transportation Research Group, Southampton University, Southampton, United Kingdom

COOPERS (Co-operative Systems for Intelligent Road Safety) is a 48-month Integrated Project (IP) co-funded by the European Commission (DG-Information Society and Media) in the 6th Framework Programme. 37 partners from 15 European countries are participating in COOPERS under the co-ordination of AustriaTech. The project started in February 2006 and is planned to be completed in 2010.

COOPERS is focused on the development of telematics applications on motorway infrastructures with the long term objective of ‘co-operative traffic management’ interfacing vehicles with motorway infrastructure. This contribution to enhance road safety of European motorways is the overall aim of COOPERS. In order to achieve this new safety-related services equipment and applications are defined, developed and tested.


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