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Covering all the new technologies and developments within this vitally important sector, Eurotransport magazine regularly includes features on ticketing, real-time passenger information, intelligent transport systems, bus and coach, metro, security, trams and trolleybuses, light railways, communications, financing and legislation. Here at Eurotransport we pride ourselves on our editorial integrity. This means we attract the leading industry experts to write on subjects that our readers need to know about.

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ABC audited, Eurotransport magazine is distributed six times a year to over 9,799 key decision makers across Europe. Typical job functions include Transport Ministers, local and regional government decision makers, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Procurement Directors and other senior purchasing personnel. Passed down through the management chain, we estimate that the total readership of Eurotransport is 30,000 for each issue. This represents a highly targeted advertising opportunity for companies such as yourself, who wish to influence the key decision makers in what is a vitally important industry.

* Circulation is 9,799 (for the 6 issues distributed between 1 January and 31 December 2015). ABC is an independent audit watchdog service for printed publications www.abc.org.uk

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Meet the team who manage & contribute to Eurotransport:

Editorial Board

Eurotransport is committed to keeping our readers informed of current and future urban public transport developments throughout Europe. We achieve this via our mix of project and investment coverage, regional and country profiles, technical features and industry news. To help with the continuing success of Eurotransport, our Editorial Board features some familiar industry faces and respected experts who have been selected to represent our core subject areas and we plan to regularly utilise their knowledge and expertise within the publication.

Thomas Kritzer, Head of the Security and Service Department, Wiener Linien

Thomas KritzerAt Wiener Linien, Thomas was responsible for the operational implementation of CCTV recordings, the implementation of ‘HelpU’, a mixed de-escalating patrol and the planning of Vienna’s metro operations during the Euro 2008 football tournament. Thomas has also been a member of the UITP Security Commission since 2008 and was elected as its Chairman in April 2011. In January 2014, Thomas joined the Editorial Board of Eurotransport.

Geoff Dunmore, Independent Passenger Transport Consultant

Geoff DunmoreGeoff Dunmore is an independent passenger transport consultant with extensive railway management know-how, and with 38 years railway operation and senior management experience, Geoff introduced a revolutionary approach in passenger transport security which influenced major stakeholders. Geoff has a proven track record in leadership, developing strategies and identifying pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to improve customer service and reliability. Geoff also has vast experience of leading diverse functional teams, developing strategic aims and objectives together with experience of managing and implementing change. Geoff has a solid international reputation with expertise in the area of passenger transport security and was Chair of the Security Commission of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) from May 2007 until 2011, and was elected lifetime Honorary Chair in 2011. Geoff is an accomplished public speaker and has written a number of published articles on appropriate approaches to public transport security. Geoff has been a member of the Eurotransport Editorial Board since 2011.

Mark CartwrightMark Cartwright, Managing Director, RTIG

For the past 20 years, Mark’s main focus has been intelligent transport systems and standards – specifically in the management of national initiatives. He is Managing Director of the public transport community RTIG, where he has led operations since 2004. He also has interests in traffic management and other ITS. Mark began his professional life in the academic world, where he taught mathematics at the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham. He has previously worked as a consultant working for clients in defence, telecoms, broadcasting, finance and energy sectors, at European, national and local levels. In January 2014, Mark joined the Editorial Board of Eurotransport.

Dave Gorshkov, Chairman of the APTA’s Communications Sub Committee and CEO of Digital Grape Business Services Ltd

Dave GorshkovDave is the elected Chairman of American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Communications Sub Committee and has been responsible for producing the standards for on-board and wayside surveillance systems for the past seven years, as well as being the CEO of a UK-based technology focused business consultancy practice. One of Dave’s most recent achievements has been as the lead contributor to the recently published standards on IP-based CCTV and VCA systems for use in transit operations. He advises a number of U.S. and International-based rail and transit authorities, as well as major transportation systems companies and government agencies on various aspects of security technology including CCTV, Intelligent Video, Safe City architectures and Wireless systems applications.

The Working Group are now working on the new ‘CRISiS’ standard for operational control rooms bringing together the various disparate software systems such as CCTV VMS & PSIM (Analogue and Digital), Access Control, GIS systems, Perimeter protection systems, Analytics, LPR/ANPR combined with operational procedures and event management. Dave’s consulting company supports development of projects and markets that use advanced security, communications and surveillance technology in various transportation applications for both road and rail-based passenger transportation.

Dr Fathi Tarada, Tunnel Safety Expert and Managing Director of Mosen Ltd

Fathi TaradaFathi is a leading expert in fire safety engineering, tunnel ventilation and Computational Fluid Dynamics, with design, review and operations experience in tunnels and buildings worldwide. Fathi is also Managing Director of Mosen Ltd, and Chief Executive of HBI Haerter Ltd. He is the inventor of the MoJet® tunnel ventilation system, and has submitted a dozen patent applications in the field of mechanical engineering. Fathi is the Secretary of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Road Tunnel Operations, the Chairman of BHR’s International Symposium on Aerodynamics, Ventilation and Fire in Tunnels, and the Chairman of the Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels Conference.

If you are interested in becoming a future Editorial Board Member, please email our editor with an explanation of the industry-subject area you are experienced in.

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