Smart Cities supplement 2016

20 June 2016  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

In this Smart Cities supplement:

  • Smart Cities Supplement 2016Shaping smart cities
    Ivo Cré, Deputy Director and Nicolas Hauw, Policy Officer, Polis
  • The symbiotic ecosystem of smart mobility and smart cities
    Marko Forsblom, CEO, ITS Finland
  • Traffic planning in Malmö supports a sustainable and smart city
    Milan Obradovic, Chair of the Technical Committee, City of Malmö
  • Innovative times for public transport
    Ian Hall, Eurotransport contributor

Webinar: How to design a perfect intermodal travel experience

We discussed the key challenges in providing a seamless intermodal travel scenario and provided answers how to address challenges regarding the greater need for instant data exchange between transportation authorities and the passenger.

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